Can You Hear Me Now??

Bureaucracy – A system of administration distinguished by its (1) clear hierarchy of authority, (2) rigid division of labor, (3) written and inflexible rules, regulations, and procedures, and (4) impersonal relationships. Once instituted, bureaucracies are difficult to dislodge or change. –

During February we changed our Verizon plan to the “Share Everything” plan. Our campground has Internet access but it is not reliable and is very slow. We needed to have something we could depend on so that Art could continue his work while we stay at this RV park.

This turned out to be an excellent plan and allows us to turn our smartphones on or off as “hot-spots” and provides some great 4G speeds for our laptops and devices. We were pleased and the 14GB per month was adequate.

One of the features of this plan is the ability to alert us by text or email when our data usage reaches 50%, 90% and subsequent overages past the 100% amount. Each overage past 100% represents an additional dollar amount charged to our account. This system was working just fine for us as we checked our usage everyday.

Then came March 3rd.

During the evening we received a text indicating a data alert. The we received another one and another and another. We turned off every device we had and still received messages warning us we were running over our limit. We called Verizon and they told us they knew about it. It had to do with the first 28 day billing cycle since the Share Everything plan had been implemented and that their billing system was messed up. They said they would call back in a week to confirm what they would do.

This started the process. Our bill was over $340 dollars more than normal…and this was not acceptable. We were promised call-backs and action but in every case we had to call and push them to come to a conclusion.

Today….we finally got satisfaction and Verizon gave us a credit for the $345 so we are now doing our happy dance.