Dog Guy

Art is a “Dog” guy.

Our last dog, Shadow, lived to be almost 16 years old and the last few years Art was the primary care-giver who walked, fed and cared for his puppy. This included carrying the big lug upstairs for the night when he could no longer walk up the stairs.

We both agreed that we didn’t need a dog during our RV adventure. Currently we take off and go on an adventure without a thought of leaving a dog. It can rain like the end of the world and no one has to get out and walk the dog.

Most importantly no one has to collect dog poo and put it in a plastic bag then walk around the campground.

The challenge is that just about every other couple has at least one dog along with them. This campground is extremely “dog-friendly” and they provide a large green area to walk your little buddy. So every time we go out….there is someone walking their dog(s).

Art makes fun of the big burly men walking the little ankle-biters in the campground but in his heart he would love to have a little buddy to hang out at night on his lap.

So being a compassionate person…Mary decided to help Art out and presented him with his very own puppy.

Say hi to “Buddy”