Today we went on a Dolphin cruise on one of the intra-coastal bays called Arnica. The cruise guaranteed dolphin sightings and we wondered just a little how they could make that claim.

We arrived at the marina where the boats were kept and there was a good group waiting. It became obvious that they were going to take out two different boats even though they might have been able to put everyone on a single one.

Then it became obvious why.

Once they were out on the bay the boats pulled next to each other and started motoring along together. This process caused a huge wave to form between the back of the boats and apparently dolphins love that stuff. Soon we had as many as four dolphins (including a new born) that traveled with the boats and took turns jumping out of the wave created by the boats. It was like they were surfing and we were providing the surf.

The boats broke away and went their separate ways and we had a nice cruise. Then they turned and eventually ended up running next to each other again and the dolphins did the same thing as we returned to the marina. We were told that the owner accidentally discovered years ago that the dolphins like this technique so he built his cruise business around it.

We enjoyed seeing the area from a different perspective and can see why people love the water here in the Gulf Shores area.