Grayson Capps Concert

“Take the poetry of Texas troubadour Townes Van Zandt, combine with Steve Earle’s edgy attitude and stir with a little cup of the bayou-blues (think Howlin’ Wolf) and you start to get a taste of Capps’ scrumptious gothic gumbo.” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER

When we started our RV adventure in the fall of 2011 we camped for a couple of months south of Knoxville, Tennessee. During that time we discovered WDVX, a local public-supported radio station which features Americana music. Art discovered dozens of artists making music combining folk, country, blues and some good old rock-and-roll. He started listening to a host of new music. One of his favorites was an artist named Grayson Capps and his band The Lost Cause Minstrels. Originally from Fairhope, Alabama he moved to New Orleans and calls that music scene his home as he tours the world.

When we saw a flyer announcing a FREE Grayson Capps concert in a local park in Gulf Shores…we decided to go.

We got our lawn chairs, some frozen yogurt and were off to claim our spot in the park. The concert ran into the night and was a regular community outing with families, fans, old hippies and people with their dogs.

Toward the end of the concert people were dancing and we must admit it was some of the worst dancing we have ever been witness to…but that just added to the fun.