Hot Cars and Cool Gardens

What could make a husband AND a wife happy with an outing?

Go somewhere  that includes beautiful botanical gardens and a great collection of antique and muscle cars. Make it a sunny day in the 70’s, throw in some BBQ and a little southern rock-n-roll and you’ve got a recipe for a great day.

Art liked the beautiful gardens and grounds but he thought the car show was one of the best he had ever seen. Many car shows often have a theme or focus on a certain time-frame. Most shows only have a handful of real show-stopper cars.

This show had everything. American and European cars were well-represented. There were cars from the 20’s all the way to current times. Many of them were in great shape. It was Art’s first day out since he has been sick so he ran out of energy pretty quickly but we made a day of it.

We had a fun time using the car ferry from Ft. Morgan to Dauphin Island across Mobile Bay. We plan on taking our bicycles across to the island one of these days before we leave the area.