Paradise Bug

Stomach flu is a viral infection that affects the stomach and small intestine. The illness is usually brief, lasting 1 to 3 days. –

The day after attending the German Sausage Festival, Art began to have an upset stomach. He thought the combination of grilled sausage, sauerkraut and spicy mustard might have had something to do with it.

Then things got a bit worse.

Headaches, upset stomach, and the usual nasty symptoms related to the restroom all became evident so we knew it was not just a bad meal. For the last three days Art has waved goodbye (from the bed) as Mary has gone to her water aerobics class. We did go to the beach for a short reading session yesterday but basically he’s been home-bound.

Mary took the bull by the horns and did all the good stuff. She made some chicken soup, served warm Vernors, Gatorade and stocked the medicine cabinet with a variety of symptom reducers.

Now it’s Wednesday and he got through the entire day keeping his soup down and his body hydrated…so maybe we’re near the end of it.

Life goes on even in Paradise!!!