Swamp Soup and Strawberries

Today was a beauty with lots of sunshine and temps in the mid-70’s. We wanted a low-cost adventure so we decided to go to the much-advertised Strawberry Festival in Loxley, Alabama.

Traffic was backed up for a long distance when we arrived in the area, so we knew this was a big deal. We found a parking place in a church parking lot and walked to the festival grounds. Every possible type of vendor was present and it became clear that there were just a few too many people packed into this beautiful park. So after we did some people-watching we decided to head back home.

A couple fishing on the pier the other day raved about a restaurant called “The Fish River Grill” which was located in a town on our way home. So after purchasing some local strawberries…we headed off to check out the food.

We found it located in a strip mall. It had a good little crowd for being after the lunch hour. We had been told to try the “Hurricane Burger” so that is what Art had. Mary tried a “Swamp Burger“. They were both a half pound quality burger with every kind of topping imaginable. We were also treated to a small cup of their famous “Swamp Soup” which was a combination of greens and beans in a light spicy broth. Excellent.

After all that hard work we thought it wise to get back home and preserve our strength.