Time to Move

We are beginning to plan our trip back north to Indiana.

We have been here in Gulf Shores for 3 months and have enjoyed our time. We love the mild weather, hanging with the snowbirds, the church we’ve chosen, easy access to the ocean and the general lifestyle here on the island.

We plan on spending a full 6 months here starting in November and are already anticipating our return…however…we are ready to hit the road.

Watching our family through things like Facebook is not the same as real life. We are anxious to see grandchildren’s soccer and baseball games. We want to see the house that our youngest son and daughter-in-law have rented in Indianapolis. There is also a 2 ½ year old and a set of twins in a new house in Michigan that we want to go and see. Throw in the desire to see Art’s family in Jackson, family reunions during beach week in July…and it all makes the desire to leave stronger.

We’ll stop this traveling after we are 80….maybe!!!