Good old Facebook.

We keep track of a lot of our friends through Facebook. Some of these friends come from our time in Michigan and others from our 16 years of living in central Indiana. One couple from our time in Michigan decided to do what we are up to and they leased their home and now are traveling the country in their RV.

After spending the winter in Texas they are now working their way back toward Michigan, including a stop near us in Alabama. We exchanged some direction information and they came this afternoon to hang out with us and get caught up. We realized it had been years since we had spoken at length.

We sat around our 5th wheel for a while and then went to try a local eatery that we had been wanting to try. After lunch we went to the Gulf State Park Pier to be good tourists. This pier is the longest on the Gulf of Mexico and provides a dramatic view of the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach shoreline.

We watched crowds of people fishing and got a chance to talk to various folks as we enjoyed the warm, but breezy, day.

Our friends left and will continue their way back toward Michigan as soon as it is confirmed that winter time is finished up there.