Crayola Musical

The school program is an amazing thing to behold. Take a couple hundred kids from the first grade classes and choreograph some songs with a theme. Have a handful of students memorize some lines….draft a bunch of parents to help with costumes and practice…and BINGO….you have a program. To make it complete – put parents and family in a small gym where many have to stand and sweat because it is too hot.

Our grandson, Dylan, is in first grade and they practiced very hard to put on a great musical. The theme was “Colors” and how working together other colors can create cool things.

The program started with a couple of group songs and then switched to 3 lonely and bored crayons who are tired of doing the same thing with the same colors all the time. As you might guess…they are red, blue and yellow. They point out that many nice things are colored red, blue and yellow…but they wish there was more.

The next few songs show how the colors can work together and create new colors. Art’s favorite was the “Red + Blue = Purple”. He predicts it will be a top-ten hit.

We thought it was one of the better programs we had seen from that age group. We ended the evening at Dylan’s eating chocolate-covered strawberries and called it a night.