In a Family Way

We arrived on the south side of Indianapolis on Friday….and immediately the family connections started. We knew this time of year is in the middle of the soccer and little league season and would be a challenge to attend all the games.

Since Friday we have attended 4 soccer games – even sat in the rain for a couple. There is nothing more endearing than grandparents huddled under an umbrella sitting on the sidelines cheering on their grandchildren. We also attended a couple of little league baseball games. We totally enjoyed it. It is great to see our sons help with the coaching of the teams.

We even attended a church softball game with our oldest son (Ben) and cheered them on to victory. His final “at-bat” was a stand-up triple which made everyone cheer.

We have scheduled appointments with doctors, dentists, financial planner and friends as we spend the next couple of months in the Indianapolis area.

I would say that we are in a “Family Way”.