Lunch Room

We’re too old to have lunch at an elementary…unless you have a granddaughter with a summer birthday.

Our oldest granddaughter’s class allows the children to celebrate birthdays by bringing in a treat for the class. However, if their birthday falls during the summer months (like Abby’s) they let them sign-up for a day before school is out for the summer to bring treats to their class. We were invited to have lunch with Abby at school and our son brought cupcakes to pass out.

We were reminded of the chaos that takes place in a lunch room. However they had a system to get the children’s attention. A lunch room lady would clap in a certain sequence or dim the lights…the children knew what each meant and they were quiet immediately.

When we were all ready the lunch lady announced to the room that it was Abby’s birthday and if they were in her class…they were supposed to hold their hand up and make the letter “C” for cupcake. Then Grandpa and Dad helped Abby pass out the goodies. Some of the children tried to convince us they were in her class but she checked them out and told us if they were or not.

It was a good day in the lunch room.