End of a Season

Little league baseball is a big deal in central Indiana. When the school year draws near the end, teams are formed and games begin. At each level there is more training about the real game.

Our two Indianapolis grandsons played this year with “Thunderhawk” Jackson debuting in his official rookie year. The 5 year old’s play a more passive game – an inning is complete when everyone has had a chance to bat. If you don’t hit the pitched ball then you get to use a T-ball stand. They usually get a chance to get on base.

Watching the young kids play was very interesting. Some of them paid attention and were getting the hang of it while others  just wanted to kick the dirt and play with dandelions. All the players in the league  received a trophy for participating and Jack was proud of his. Our son was the coach for the team and finished the year by creating baseball cards for each of the players as a souvenir.

There was a huge difference in the level of play in Dylan’s age group. The games were like real baseball, counting runs and outs. The players have made huge improvements since their days in kindergarten.  As faithful grandparents we attended as many games as possible and enjoyed seeing the boys in action.

The highlight of the season was seeing Dylan’s team win every game in the playoffs and clinch the championship on the last game. We weren’t able to be there for the final game, but many happy pictures were posted on Facebook and we received an excited phone call that night.

It was all time well spent.