Keep on Truckin’

We are in the process of trying to sell the RV and the truck. We’ve been trying to feel out the market and lower the price just a little each week with the hopes that it will spark someone’s interest.

Last week we posted the truck and 5th wheel separately to try to at least, sell the truck. Within an hour of the posting we got a couple emails and we were on our way.

A couple from Florence, Kentucky seemed the most interested. They had 4 kids and wanted something big. They had a Ford Expedition but the wife had been in a car accident and totaled It. So the husband wanted to get something even bigger.

Boy do we have a truck for them!!!

We agreed to meet at a truck plaza between Indy and Cincinnati. They came with their youngest child and started the evaluation. Everything about the truck hit a good chord with the husband. He liked the fact that it did not have carpet. He loved the 2 big bench seats and really loved the unbelievable power. He had the glassy-eyed look of a man who was finally going to get his dream truck.

We drove around for a while, confirmed the price we were asking was fair and then sat in the truck waiting for a rain downpour to stop and had a nice visit. We decided we would aim for Tuesday to meet at the bank to do the transaction. We left feeling pretty good and even stopped by a furniture store to do some shopping.

Then today the phone rang.

The husband was on the other end of the line and was very apologetic. Apparently they went back home, talked some more and the voice of reason (and budget) won the argument. They decided to back out of the verbal deal. We were a little disappointed but what can you do?

Just keep on truckin’!!!!