Drive By Dinner

In TV dramas we see how a drive-by is a tactic used as a form of a “hit-and-run” maneuver. Typically there is a specific target and limited time to make the hit.

So Grandma and Grandpa became the target as their daughter (and family) stopped briefly on their way to Tennessee to have dinner. The poor unsuspecting seniors drove their little car to a parking lot at a Jason’s Deli in Indianapolis, IN. There they found 3 beautiful grandchildren waiting to shoot them with hugs and kisses…all for free.

We had a nice visit while they took a break from their trip. Adults visited around a good meal and everyone helped take care of the twins in the restaurant. Then we retired to the parking lot for final goodbyes and grandma gave a present to the oldest brother….

His very own beluga whale.

There has been an ongoing joke about beluga whales and grandma said she would make one just for him. Even after a couple of months Ryan remembered and was hoping grandma would come through…and she did.

This was a drive-by that had a happy ending.