Eye in the Sky is Gone

We had some success getting rid of part of our RV stuff. We sold the portable satellite dish system. When we purchased our 5th wheel we included an automatic satellite dish on the roof. This made it very nice since all we had to do was to pull into a campsite….open the slides…hook up the electricity and push the satellite button. By the time we had water connected and the 5th wheel stabilized…we had high-def TV working.

Unless you were under a tree.

We discovered in a beautiful treed campsite on James Island near Charleston, SC that the roof-top satellite does not work when it is under trees. Since we needed to keep up with all our important shows we decided to purchase a portable satellite dish system. We bought the standard Winegard portable satellite TV antenna and placed it in an opening among the trees and strung cables back to the 5th wheel.

We now had shade and a signal.

We only used it a couple of times and have been trying to sell it for the last couple of months with seemingly no interest from anyone. Last weekend a fellow contacted us from the ad on Craigslist and knew he wanted to purchase it. A deal was made and the dollars have exchanged hands.

Now if we could just sell our 5th wheel.