Family Beach Week 2013 — REFLECTIONS

We just returned from a week on Lake Michigan in St. Joseph, MI. This was the first year in a while the entire family was together for a few days. This was also the first beach week that Art was not able to participate in many activities because of his kidney failure. In fact he slept about 12 hours a day and generally worked on just trying to feel normal.

The week was spent sitting on the beach, going out to eat, shopping and hanging out as a family. We enjoyed seeing each of our kids and their families running, playing and getting along with each other. All 7 grandchildren were there and fun was had by all. On Saturday we had a visit from Mary’s sister (along with her daughter and family) and one of her brothers and sister-in-law. They hung out and we all sat on the beach for the day. Then Art’s brother and wife and mom drove over for the day from Jackson. It was nice to see everyone connect with each other.

Art commented that his problem with his kidneys caused him to take it easy this year but also to take a lot of enjoyment from just watching the grandchildren and enjoying the beautiful lake shore. The weather was perfect and the time together was well-spent building some great memories.

One Response to “Family Beach Week 2013 — REFLECTIONS”
  1. Elda and Dave Ivey says:

    Hi Art and Mary, we were saddened to hear of Art’s kidney problems. But I admire you for all that you have done to “life your dream” so far. What a wonderful adventure you have had. I think all of us old retirees would LOVE to have the nerve to do what you guys did. I wish we could do it. I am ready to take off and forget the past, and see the USA. But, there are commitments that hold us back. David just lost his mmom of 96 years June 14th. She was doing great but suddenly had a heart attack and when the old ticker goes, it is time to go home to the Lord. My mom is goign to be 90 in Oct. and needing more help as the days go along. So we are having to stay closer to home than we would like but, that is part of life.

    We wish you a successful transplant and a long healhy life from there on. They do wonderful things now days with transplants. I have a friend at church that has had two kidney transplants in the past 30 years. She is doing well, but now she has cancer. We were all concerned her p roblems were her kidney but it was much worse than that. She has ovarian cancer and a tumor behind her heart. She is undergoing chemo and doing well but we all know how deadly ovarian cancer is and I think she is in stage four. So lots of prayer needed for everyone. We will keep you both in our prayers. Take care and keep your blog updated with your progress. Have a wonderful weekend.

    L Love in Christ….Elda and Dave :-) P.S. Miss seeing you guys around.