Gone, gone, gone —- really gone

“Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)”

Some sunny day-hay baby
When everything seems okay, baby
You’ll wake up and find out you’re alone
Cause I’ll be gone
Gone, gone, gone really gone
Gone, ga-gone, cause you done me wrong

The truck is sold…which is a good thing, but it still has Art singing the blues just a little. In the world of the RVer you are known by your hardware or better known as your “rig”…and the Ford XL F350 dually 6.7 liter diesel was a big boy’s truck.

When old guys walk around a campground and start conversations with other old guys they discuss such world critical topics like “how big is your 5th wheel”, or “is your Class “A” a diesel pusher or puller?”…and Art’s favorite…”Does your truck have that new Ford diesel engine?” All the truck owners know the dually owners have a certain high status among the herd.

We are grateful that we were able to sell the truck and basically got our asking price. However the pain of separation is tough to take because we sold it to a couple camped here only three lots down from us. Now we will see it every day, plus the lady was seen driving it which Art didn’t even think was allowed!!!

As we drive around in our little green Scion XD we will remind ourselves that we own the car and it gets about 35 mpg.