On The List

As bureaucratic as it may sound….you must be officially on the kidney transplant wait list before the operation can take place. After all the testing, poking and prodding….Art is officially on the list.

Now we wait for the testing to be completed for Tim and be officially placed on the donor list. The operation will then be scheduled.

Art’s latest blood test results show that he should start dialysis now. His doctor is a little amazed that he is not showing some of the more serious symptoms so, for now, we will wait week-to-week, watch his blood levels and go from there. The transplant specialists say that recent studies show that people who do not have dialysis prior to transplant seem to have a little more success with the transplant than those who undergo dialysis prior to the surgery. Therefore if we can – avoiding dialysis is the goal.

If there are no insurance surprises….then the operation could take place in the next few weeks. The sooner the better.