The Family Who Runs Together

Our family “beach week” has begun! This year the house was a Friday-to-Friday rental so most of us were here on Saturday in the morning. St Joseph has a 5K or 10K fun run/walk that benefits the YMCA every year. It happened to be while we were here so we decided to participate.

The weather was awesome. Anne is our serious runner so she planned to run the 5K. The rest of the group decided to mix it up and run some and walk the rest. Russ pulled stroller duty and pushed the three little ones through the entire race…and actually had a respectable time.

We got there early and watched the people getting ready for the race. Some of them were serious competitors and it showed in their pre-race routine. They runners/walkers lined up based on their average speed per mile….and the race started. Art was not participating so he became the official photographer of the event. Anne was the first to cross the finish line and the rest completed the course with good times of their own. Mary posted one of her faster walking times for the 3+ mile course.

It was a nice family event that we will do again in the future.