Earthbound Purchases

Now that our 2-year flight of freedom is officially over….we are earthbound and tied to a single location. So what kind of purchases does one have to make if you are tied to a new house???

Lots of non-RV “stuff”.

Our lawn is not too big but we do need a lawn mower, weed eater, sprinkler and some garden hose. Of course we had to sign up for trash removal service and apparently “Ray’s” is the trash hauler of preference around here.

Then there is the inside. We shopped for a toilet plunger, some guest room pillows and a new trash can for the kitchen.

Of course in order to recover from the grief of selling his truck….Art bought a nice Samsung SmartTV and JBL sound system. Hopefully this will help him through the grieving process.

We do admit it feels just a little odd to once again begin to acquire material goods for our earthbound life.