Hospital Night Sounds

The 3 days spent in the hospital was an interesting experience. For the patient it is like your life is interrupted and time slows down. Individual choice is taken away and your schedule is in the hands of others.

During the night you are woken to have your vitals taken then you are left there awake. You get to listen to the night sounds of the hospital and they are very different from what happens during the day.

At 3:30 am in the morning there is an entirely different rhythm than the daytime….

– The ever-present hum of the air handler
– The old fellow down the hall with a bad cough who ends each coughing session spitting something up and then mumbling under his breath
– The chirping of the various monitors and equipment in all the rooms seem to be talking to each other
– The lady in another room who moans and asks where she is when they come to check on her
– The occasional beeping of the call for a nurse
– The muted conversations by the nurses, techs and cleaning staff about their lives
– The sound of a TV being watched in the far distance
– The nearby busy doorway with the noisy latch
– The ever-present hum of the air handler

Then the sleeping pill kicks back in…………..