Last Day <-----> First Day

We have moved into the home of our oldest son while we wait to close on our new house later in the month. Their boys, Dylan and Jackson, are high-energy kids. They were both looking forward to the start of school and back-packs being prepared and supplies getting stocked.

With the first day of school almost here we decided to take the boys out to the movies and watch “Turbo”. It is a good story about brothers supporting brothers and about reaching for your dreams even though others think you will never make it.

After the movie Jackson announced that he was going to be called “Turbo” from then on and proceeded to race around the house. We took them to a neighborhood play area and let them blow off some steam and then back home.

The next day was the first day of school. For Dylan…he is an old-timer going into second grade. He knows the drill and is cool and collected. Jackson was starting kindergarten and was a ball of nervous excitement. We got out of bed early and stood with the boys as the bus turned the corner for the first time this year….and they got on the bus.

For the first time in a few years there was “quiet” in the house on the first day of school.