Final Park of the RV

The 5th wheel is tentatively sold – we have been waiting for an A/C unit to be repaired that was under warranty. The repair has now been completed, so we traveled to the campground to do our final shutdown of the RV and get it ready for the new owners to come pick it up.

We flushed the tanks and stored the accessories then told the campground owner that we were ready for him to move it to storage. He brought his truck to hook it up but was a little uneasy about the clearance so he kicked in plan B.

The couple that bought our truck are still camped in the campground – but were gone for the weekend. The campground owner was able to get keys from them to borrow the truck in case needed to move our RV. So I got to fire up the old truck and hook it up to the 5th wheel for the final time. The owner moved it back into a storage lot.

We may be able to complete the deal this weekend. The buyers have purchased a nice Ford F350 to tow the RV and they are pouring a cement pad big enough to park it at their house. When they come to pick it up we have offered to show them how to operate the leveling system (unless Art is in the hospital for the transplant).

Our 2-year vacation is just about over.