I Like to Move It

I Like to Move It…..The song is used in DreamWork’s Madagascar film franchise serving as its theme song, where different versions of the song are featured prominently in the films…Wikipedia

This song might be associated with the Madagascar movies but it was our theme song on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. We had moved most of the small stuff into our new house but the larger pieces required a truck big enough to haul them

We rented a high-top van from Enterprise and after work our sons Ben and Matt, along with daughter-in-law Becky, jumped into the whole process and in just a couple of trips everything was delivered.

Everyone pitched it to help and as beds were assembled, new couches unwrapped – the house started to look like someone actually lived there. After a few good hours of effort the workers were taken to a nearby Q’doba and fed for all their efforts. That night we got to sleep on our new bed.

Art felt kind of bad that he couldn’t help more, but it was good to see family members take care of the heavy lifting. It was odd realizing that this will probably be the last house we own….but we have learned to never say never.