Labor Day Blowout

Typically the phrase “Labor Day Blowout” usually refers to a furniture sale or maybe an auto tent sale. However since we are completely moved into our new house. it was time for our version of a blow-out.

Anne and Russ came from Michigan with the 3 youngest grandchildren including the twins who are just about 10 months old. They are officially our first overnight visitors to our new home and they settled in just fine. We were reminded how much energy it takes to constantly feed and care for little children.

On Sunday all four of our kids along with their spouses and all the grandchildren were here. It was fun to see the older grandchildren playing with the younger ones. The cousins all got along just fine. We had a good meal for all to enjoy and then had a brief birthday celebration for Tim and Ryan by singing a rousing version of “Happy Birthday”.

Of course a get-together wouldn’t be complete without getting the boys to help with a project. So a couple of them installed a cool wooden table in Mary’s sewing room. We bought it on Craigslist and the boys mounted it onto the wall.

We wondered if our house would be big enough to handle the entire tribe and we’re glad to report that it passed the test just fine.