Neighborhood Sights

Our neighborhood is a typical suburban bedroom community. At first blush it seems subdivisions flow from one right into the next…and goes on for miles. However we are lucky to have some nice natural areas near our house.

When our daughter, Anne, was here she went out a couple of times for her daily run. She took her phone with her and snapped a few pictures that got me thinking about the all the green spaces around our house.

Two blocks away we have a large green space that is a Big Wheel Park and playground for toddlers. Walk another block and you see the entrance to the Cheeney Creek Natural Area. It is a nice preserve that has a two small lakes and a couple of miles of trails.

Tonight drove about 2 miles to another nature center called Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve. It contains a number of trails through woods, swamp and open fields. It was a pleasant way to end the day.