Passing the RV Dream Torch

Pass the torch – to give responsibility to someone. –

In October 2011 we stepped out and began a dream journey of full-time living in an RV. We wanted to see the country and meet some interesting people. We got a chance to do a lot of both during the last 24 months.

When Art started to experience kidney failure we changed our plans. We chose to sell our truck and 5th wheel. We were a little discouraged because we purchased our RV with the idea we might travel for 10-15 years. We had ordered our rig with a few expensive options that the typical weekend camper would not need.  We had a few  inquires from prospective buyers but nothing serious…

…until we got a call from Dan and Carolyn from the Cincinnati area.

They wanted to come see it because of their own dream to start traveling in a couple of years. They had seen a 5th wheel with this same layout and knew it was what they wanted. We were in the process of putting the unit into a consignment agreement with an RV dealer to sell while Art dealt with his kidney transplant. So we viewed their interest in the RV as a gift from God.

After many efforts to come to an agreement and get the unit ready for sale…we were able to travel to Ohio and close the sale. They invited us out for dinner to celebrate Mary’s birthday after signing the papers. We had a great visit and told them that the dream is now officially passed to them. We want to follow their travels and hear about all the places they get to see and the interesting people they meet. The “Dream” torch has officially been passed.

We hope one day to see each other in a campground