Another Bump

Tuesday, November 19
Art has had a reaction to one of the immunosuppressant drugs, so he is still in the hospital and likely will be a couple more days. The Dr has not dealt with this before so he is watching closely.

Internal bleeding from a required needle biopsy sent Art back to the operating room yesterday for repair. Biopsy results the doctor received last night gave him the information he needed to know what the problem was. Blood tests are being done every four hours to help him make medication adjustments.

We are hanging in there!

Tim is doing well recovering at home with Nurse Bonnie taking care of him.

Thursday, November 21
The doctors are still working to figure out exactly what the problem is with Art’s antibody reaction before they treat it. Art is getting tired of waiting and being in the hospital. He is sleeping every chance he gets – they wake him up pretty often to take blood, vitals and replace IVs.
God knows what is happening and the only thing we can do is wait on his timing.

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