Back Home Again in Indiana

(Back Home Again in) Indiana is a song composed by Ballard MacDonald and James F. Hanley, first published in January 1917. While it is not the official state song of the U.S. state of  Indiana it is perhaps the best-known song that pays tribute to the Hoosier State.

A typical kidney transplant usually requires a 5-to-7 day hospital stay. After the initial operation Art seemed to be recovering so fast the hospital personnel were talking about letting him go home on day 4. He felt a little guilty thinking he might get to go home before our son Tim (the donor).

Results from a blood test indicated that a certain kidney function was just a little off so they decided to keep him until day 5. It kept going the wrong way. On day 6 a needle biopsy was done to examine the tissue to determine the problem. Pain from internal bleeding due to a vein being nicked during the biopsy caused Art to be rushed to emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. Another surgery – another incision! Doctors said the kidney looked fine and the bleeding was stopped with one stitch.

After sending the biopsy results to other hospitals and research centers around the country looking for feedback on the problem they made an educated guess about how to treat it and started down a path. This was day 9 and Art had gained 28 lbs of fluid weight and could hardly walk.

The treatments finally started to take effect. Blood tests indicated improvement and slowly the fluid was being removed. During this entire process Art was given 5 units of blood to stabilize his hemoglobin. It began to look like we were going to spend Thanksgiving eating hospital food.

Today (Day 14), the doctors admit that they really don’t know entirely what and why it happened but the good news is that Art’s kidney functions are getting back to normal and the extra weight has mostly been removed. Even though there are still a couple of issues that continue to be resolved, the doctors made a decision late today and said those words we wanted to hear….

“You can go home”

So for the next couple of months Art’s life will be to heal up, learn how to drink 4 liters of liquid per day, probably get up many times during the night to pee, walk a little more each day and get used to the multitude of new pills that he needs to take.

It’s good to be Back Home Again in Indiana


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