About Us

Meander is not a bad word!!

This is about the full-time RV & Travel adventures of Art and Mary which began, in earnest, the summer of 2011. After attending an RV show in Indianapolis in February of 2011, we both developed the sense that we would love to try living full-time in a 5th wheel while traveling throughout North America. Through various full-timer sites on the Internet we discovered there are thousands of people involved with this lifestyle…and it made our sense of adventure peak even more.

We planned on going out in 2012. Our house sold quicker than we thought it would…so we decided to go earlier. God worked out all the details and we began planning our adventure. We were debt-free and Art teaches online for a group of colleges so life-on-the-road is not a problem. Mary is going to continue her cake decorating and needlework for the mobile community.

Our goals are simple.

  1. We want to see “close up” the beautiful landscapes that God has created in America and Canada. We believe we are blessed to have one of the nicest pieces of real estate in the world…hands down.
  2. We want to meet new people and it appears that some of the nicest folks in the world are traveling our country living the RV lifestyle.
  3. Finally, we have developed a sense of freedom from a lifestyle of acquisition. As we cleaned out our belongings and dispersed them to family and charity…we sensed a feeling that is hard to express…we just don’t need all the “stuff”.

This web site is not an advocate for any particular lifestyle…instead it will chronicle our travels, what we did to get ready and some of the great people we are meeting. Join the conversation and check back to see what will be happening. – Art & Mary