We invited our neighborhood and church family to visit our new RV home before we pulled out. There was a nice group that came during the “official” open  house and others who came later while we were packing up our 5th wheel.

 We were able to rent a house by the week from Jim and Kristi just a few doors down from our house after it sold. They moved back to St. Louis while waiting for their house to sell and left it completely furnished. Not only was it an awesome house…it allowed us to work on organizing and de-cluttering while we were waiting for our 5th wheel.









The extra 2 days at the campground helped us become more familiar with all the systems in the fifth wheel – electricity, gas, hydraulics, leveling, satellite dish, antenna (and booster) and water tank management (fresh, gray and black).  With the hitch finally installed, we headed for Upland with our new home.

We had many chances to say goodbye.
Friends taking us out to eat….
After 16 years at the university there was a great farewell reception for Mary….

We began the effort to sell or give away most of  our possessions and found out what 40+ years
of marriage helps you to accumulate.

It was time to part ways with our vehicles…including the precious motorcycle.


We started to shred all the old records…and ended up with 6+ garbage bags full of paper.
One of our neighbors (Walt & Mary) wanted to use it for garden mulch
so there will still be a part of us left in the town!!


Mowed the lawn…..
Let some of the grand kids ride on the John Deere….
Hugged the house goodbye.

Just got our 2011 Ford F350 DRW truck.

It is by far the biggest thing we’ve ever owned. It is a 4-door, 4X4, Diesel-powered and setup for towing a large trailer. As soon as we got it we went to the RV dealer and ordered our 5th wheel. Surprisingly we are getting 16-17 miles per gallon.

We also let the Indianapolis grand kids take a ride in the monster truck. Apparently Grandpa is now officially cool again.